Well my friends, if moving once in a twelve month period wasn't enough I am about to move again!  Someday I hope that our government will wake up to the sad plight of abused house cats such as myself and pass my proposed legislation:  Feline Unified Rights for Basic Agreeable Living Law or FUR BALL.  Until then I will keep this diary of my abusive move into the wasteland that THEY call Berkeley House...
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Dear Diary,

Well well my Kittens - has it really been three seasons since we last talked?  It is just amazing how times flies - even when you oppressed like me.  I must confess kittens that I am a bit distraught.  Here we are in an election year and can you believe that FUR BALL is not even being talked about?  I tell ya', I have had it up to the tip of my tail (and we all know how long MY tail is) with this deliberate deflection of the truth - that house cats like me are oppressed.  Until then I will continue on and keep you informed of what my loving, yet oppressive, owners (like I could ever be owned) Dave and Dan are up to.

Since our last little 'catnap' together there has been much activity in the house.  You would not even believe your eyes - it's simply amazing!  I watched Dan leave the house several times last week to work on the website with his relation (another cat oppressor I hear - he has two of my cousins under lock and key).  I was watching from Dave's lap as he looked over the work and I must admit they did a good job (I won't tell them of the spelling mistakes if you don't) and they have ALL the pre and during construction photos posted now and Dan is running around the house like a dog working on finished photos as well.  Why one day he almost stepped on my tail he was in such a state over photo taking.  Humph, these humans are a strange lot.  Oh, Oh, Oh...be sure to look closely as the photos - you will se ME in many of them.  You know, if it wasn't for my great supervisory skills they never would have made it this far.  From Dave working so hard for me inside and Dan under my carefully supervision on the outside I feel I have done a splendid job.  The outside flowerbeds, gardens and water fountains are just spectacular and the inside has been an amazing transformation - do be sure to take a look at the photos.  I know you only visit here to keep in touch with me, and I appreciated it kittens, but the photos are also a worthy secondary item you must check out.

Oh, you will notice a new addition to the living room this summer - a Grinnell baby grand piano.  Well that is what Dave and Dan call it - I think of it as my elevated litter box - wonder if the boys have found my little surprises inside yet?  hehehe

Well the only future report I have to offer here is that Dave is still working on the interior doors - all 1 million of them.  He will not let up that crazy interior transformer.  I for one will do my best to keep him busy with other projects for I fear that the re-hanging of doors will just be another attempt to limit my personal freedom.  Oh FUR BALL - will you ever pass?

Well enough for now dearies...I must go and see what these two are up to next.  I will be sure to let you know.  Until next time keep your pads clean of litter, you fur nice and shinny and your humans well trained in the fine art of face rubs and back massages.


Don't I just look fabulous?
Volume Two
Year of Captivity:  2004
Hey Kittens, take a walk we me down memory lane with my 2003 Volume One Diary. 

(I hope to publish someday.)